Morning coffee

I like a lot drinking coffee  anytime during the day, but especially in the morning. I like the mixture of tastes between coffe, milk and sugar. Every morning, I look forward to finish breakfast and drink my coffe.

I do not like the espresso or any other type made in a coffee shop. I like the Turkish style coffee, made in a coffe pot, not in a machine. It has more taste and I like the idea it  has more of a human touch than the one made in a machine. And I also like it served in a Turkish way, together with water and something sweet like Turkish delight.  I am not sure, maybe coffee is served in this way only in Balkanic countries, but this is the way I like it. I want to thank for the photo to Antena SarajevoCoffee served in a Balkanic way/Foto: Antena Sarajevo


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