Felita, my first rescued dog

Me and Felita in her home  It was before Christmas in 2011, quite cold outside. When I went to feed the dogs from the block, I noticed that the little fluffy one could not walk with one leg. I thought a car had hit her, but I hoped she will get better.

I had met her in the summer when she was staying next to another dog, hit by a car at one leg, barking and hoping someone will find them and help him. I was on my balcony and I heard her barking. I knew it was not the barking of the dogs from the block. So I started looking. I found her and her friend with a hurt leg. I fed them and I gave them water. It was already dark so I took him the next day to the vet. He cured fast. Now it was her with am injury at her back foot.

After the New Year, I took her to the vet and she had some x-rays done. The vet told me it was a bad injury and she will need surgery. I said: Let`s do it! I took the dog to the vet in the morning and I want to work. I was quite nervous because I could not be there with her. At a certain moment the vet calls me and tells me the injury is quite bad and asks me if I agree with the leg amputation. I said „No, a stray with an amputated leg will not survive. We`d better put her to sleep”. The vet refused because she said it was a healthy dog and she promised to do her best to save the dog`s leg.

The surgery was fine. The next day when I went to see her, she was wagging her tail when she saw me. She was happy, I was happy. I took her back but I could not take her inside, my nusband did not agree with it. I started looking for a place for her. I remembered a gentleman had asked me about her and I called him to see if he was still interested. „I do not want a dog with a surgery on the leg”, he said. I was so dissapointed! The weather was getting colder and colder and she was staying outside!.

My husband went to another city with his work and I improved the opportunity and I got her inside for one night. She was soo happy! I was happy too! I cuddled her and spoiled her and she really liked it. Unfortunately, I had to take her out in the morning befor going to work. I did the same until my husband came home. After that she had to stay outside.

I was pregnant at the time and, one night when  I went to the fridge, I heard something scratching at the door. I opened the door and I saw the dog. She had searched for our apartment coming through the basement and she had found our door! Amazing! She had gained the right to stay inside! Yeyyy! In the meantime, I was still looking for a home for her. Thanks to a good friend, a lady from Denmark contacted me and told me she wants to adopt her after she heals because the costs were quite big in Denmark.

Unfortunately, one month after the surgery she could still not walk well. I told that to the potential adopter and together we said that it is better to go to another specialist. I contacted a friend vet from my home town and he adviced me to go to a professor from the Veterinary University in Bucharest. I talked to him and sent him the x-ray through email. he told me that the dog needs another surgery and that in almost 2 months after, she will walk normally. The adopter agreed with this second surgery, she was so kind, a wonderful woman, and paid for it. It was a difficult surgery and I am sure the poor dog suffered a lot because of that, but, at the end of May 2012, almost 2 months after it, she was walking very good. Me, my husnamd and Felita

I had told her Fetita (little girl in Romanian) and I kissed her good bye on 1st of June 2012. She went to her home in Denmark where she is called now Felita. This was also the beginning of a wonderful friendship with her adopter for me. She visited Romania in 2013 and she saw the place where her dog was rescued from. Last autumn, I went to Denmark and I saw Felita at her home.  She has a great home, a big garden and, most important, a wonderful family who loves her.

20141019_142423PS. I must tell that her friend whom she was staying close when I found them, he was adopted in Sweden. He has a very, very happy life there. Lucas


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