Why I liked Norway

Last week-end, I travelled in Norway to see the dogs from Newlifeforanimals Romania adopted in this country and to visit a very dear friend. I had a big bag of dog toys in my luggage. I could not go with emply hands to the dogs.

First stop was in Drammen where my friend lives with her 7 former Romanian strays and with a stray from Greece. These dogs have been really lucky! After a hard life on the streets, now they have a wonderful life, sleeping on the couch and eating treats whenever they want. My son fell in love with them really fast and, now, he keeps saying that he wants to the dogs.

Cu Princess   Me and Princess My son and the former Romanian strays
First we went to see the fjords, the main attraction in Norway, for me. I saw some breathtaking landscapes at Homsbu. Up to there, I saw some very nice places where I really would like to live. Some wooden houses which have the forest in the back and in the fron the water. And if you walk in fron of your house, you might find a swan nest. Isn`t that amazing?

Nice boats Breathtaking landscapes Fiorduri, Norvegia
I finally had the chance to see the Norvegian wooden houses for which I had such a big interest at a certain moment when I was in Romania. I saw people out painting them as they need a lot of maintainance.
I liked Oslo a lot although it was raining. We jumped into a city tour bus and we saw some parts of the city, probably the most posh ones, including the farm where the cows of the Royal family are kept. I liked most the touristic harbour and the Opera with a very interesting architecture and where you can go on the roof and see the whole town.
I travelled by train to Oslo and I was surprised to see how clean it was. Children were coloring on the floor of the train! The Capital of Norway is a very clean and organised city where I saw for the forst time an electric car charging its battery. For Norwegians it is cheaper to buy electric cars but also it a way of easily dealing with the heavy traffic of the capital.
I will always remember Oslo for the very, very, very good desert and capuccino that I had in a nice cafe near Akershus fortress. It was cherry soup served with vanilla and pistaccio icecream. Absolutely delicious! The most delicious desert served in Oslo
In a very nice and quiet small city I met Zoe, a former stray who used to live near my block in Bucharest. She used to be hungry all the time and, in the winter, she used to sleep on the snow. Now she lives in a very nice place, she is fat, loved and protected. In less than 10 minutes, she tore apart the tok I too her. She loves to play just like she used to.

La joaca cu Zoe Eu si Zoe Zoe

I just did not have the chance to buy anything from Oslo, so do not ask me about shopping. I must come back to do that!


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