Morco`s adventures in England. A real wonderful story!

The good news is that I found Morco, my ginger male cat, after almost 2 months!!!!!!!

Morco, back home  eu si Morco Morco

Morco disappeared at the end of April. He went out just like he used to do in every morning and he did not come back. I started searching for him: I posted flyers in the neighbourhood, I went on all the streets surrounding our house looking for him and nothing. I even went to a house two streets away from us who had a ginger cat in the window asking them if the cat was new in their house. The answer was no. I met all the cats in the neighbourhood and but not Morco! I had lost hope I could find him.

But two days ago, I received an email from a gentleman asking me to help him find the owner of a Romanian ginger male cat. He had found the cat near his house and, realising it is a lost cat, he took the animal to the vet and found out that it came from Romania thanks to the cip number. I could not believe my eyes when I read the email. First, it looked like a joke to me. I read the email 3 times and I replied that I am the one who had lost a ginger male cat with a Romanian cip.

Saturday morning, I received a reply to my email stating that the cat was fine and the family would welcome us to collect him. They live almost 4 miles away from us. I could not believe that a cat could go that far. But still when I entered, it was Morco!!!!! Yes, it was him! I pet him and he started to purr. So it was really him! Wow!

This lovely and wonderful English family had seen him a few weeks ago near their house in a very nice place called Offchurch. First, they did not feed him thinking he would go back to his house. But Morco did not leave that place catching mice and baby rabbits. They realised he was a lost cat and started feeding him until they were able to touch him. Than they took him to the vet who read the cat`s cip and told them he is from Romania. Unfortunately, my contacts were not to be found in a British data base for cat owners. So the gentleman started to search on the Internet for Romanians in Leamington Spa. He found my blog and wrote to me. This is how we found each other.

The English family who found Morco knows and visited Romania, they have been to Rosia Montana, Sibiu, Maramures. I will never forget what they did for Morco and I will always be grateful to them for taking care of him and searching me. They gave me the most impressive lesson of humanity and civilisation of my entire life with what they did. THANK YOU!

We promised to keep in touch and I hope to see them again. I consider them my friends because of what they did for Morco and also because they like Romania. Thank you, wonderful people!


PS. This is also a lesson also about the importance of microcipping pets. They found me thanks to the microcip. I have already visited a vet today and he told me how to register my contact in a data base, so if one of the cats gets lost again, they could find me.


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