Romanian food is good!

One if the things I am very proud of is the Romanian food. Very tasty, rich in meat and vegetables, our traditional food is very good and I believe it is a mirror of our personality as nation. Salata de beuf, nelipsita de pe mesele romanilor

I normally cook the Romanian way and I am very proud of myself that lately I learnt to cook some traditional courses: sarmale and pie with pastry made by me. I had a very nice English family as guests last Sunday at dinner and I wanted to make them taste some Romanian traditional food. So I cooked sarmale and I gave them to drink home made tuica from my uncle. I hope they really liked it! My mother gave me the pie recipe and my mother-in-low the recipe for t
he stuffed aubergines, the vegetarian dish of the dinner.

I think we still could work at the vegetarian side of our gastronomy, because, traditionally, we eat a lot of meat.  I am sure we could also cook good vegetarian food because we have the tradition of cooking nettle, lettuce soup and spinach.

urzici cu mamaligaplacinta romaneasca

After this experience of mine of cooking for my guests, I had the pleasure to read in LA Times about how good Romanian food is. Basically, the American journalist travels to Transilvania and the west of the country and tastes different dishes. I am really happy she enjoyed it!  sarmale in frunza de vita

I know people in Transilvania cook really good, but I dare to say that very good food is cooked in Moldova, in Danube Delta or in the south part of the country where very tasty tomatoes are cultivated. Food could be an attraction for tourists who would like to visit Romania. We should promote it better. And the same thing with traditions that the American journalist seemed to like.

We have lots of influences in gastronomy: German influences in the west part of the country and in Transilvania, Greek and Mediteranean in the south and east and Russian ones in the north. This mix creates very diverse and tasty dishes that make your mouth water.

tort cu mere. Nu e traditional, dar e bun!Romanian Easter eggsVinete cu legume


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