Support for the refugees in Leamington Spa

Today in the center of Leamington Spa, the city I live in, almost 100 people gathered to show their support to the refugees in front of the Town Hall, near the status of Queen Victoria. They wanted to convince the British government to do more to welcome the refugees who come to Europe trying to escape the war in their country. Such gatherings take place in many cities  and London where today tens of thousands of people went on the streets to show their support.

The images speak for themselves. This is the ultimate proof that British people are very welcoming and generous. I am an immigrant myself and, since I came here, I have never felt unwelcome, everybody smiled to me and opened their doors. Thank you, Britain!

20150912_114308[1] 20150912_114134[1]  20150912_114047[1] 20150912_114019[1] 20150912_114055[1] 20150912_114132[1]


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