Wild Carpathia, Beautiful Romania

Charlie Ottely, the producer of the documentary Wild Carpathia, wants to make a 4th episode of this documentary and he spoke about it in a news bulletin at the Romanian National Television. The next episode will present Romania in winter, the season when my country has lots of snow, usually, and very beautiful landscapes. He has already started to raise funds for the production of this new episode. You can see his interview here.

You watch  here the trailer of the documentary. You can watch here episode 1 and episode 2 and episode 3

Balea lake, Carpathian mountains

I was impressed by the passion he speaks with about Romania, he really loves Romania and he likes what he does. I believe this really is a very good documentary about Romania and a good chance to promote our country. Prince Charles of the United Kingdom has spoken about his passion about Transilvania in this documentary. The fact that he speaks about Romania promotes my country and that is good. Concerned about environment and sustainable development, Prince Charles considers Transilvania an example of preserving the nature.

You can donate on www.wildcarpathia.tv or here. Any amount helps.

Enescu Music festival in Bucharest

In this period, Romania has also been promoted thanks to Enescu Music Festival which takes place in Bucharest. Important names of classical music have played at Bucharest during the festival. One of them is the German violinist Anne Sophie Mutter who had a wonderful performance at the Romanian Atheneum. Mutter posted on her facebook account pictures from Bucharest and she said she enjoyed  playing at Enescu festival. I believe this is also a great way to promote Romania. And I am happy my country has had such a great chance to be promoted.

Anne Sophie Mutter at the Romanian Atheneum. Photo: Facebook


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