Un an cu Iohannis


Cam asta era atmosfera acum un an la sectia de votare din Birmingham la votul pentru alegerile prezidentiale. Nu a fost usor sa ajungem sa bagam votul in urna, dar a meritat efortul.
Nu trebuie sa uitam ca am stat la cozi pentru a vota si sper ca asa ceva sa nu se mai intample.


Un interviu cu presedintele despre primul an la Cotroceni puteti urmari aici
Si o critica. Vorbeste in interviu despre decizia justitiei legata de una dintre casele sale. Daca interviul era dat in calitate de presedinte, eu asa intelesesem, atunci nu ar fi trebuit sa comeneteze decizia unei instante.


Supunere-o carte ce mi-a placut

soumission-de-michel-houellebecqMa bucur ca am reusit sa citesc romanul lui Michel Houellebecq-Soumission! Cred ca am citit-o la momentul potrivit pe fundalul acestei crize a imigratilor in Europa.

In primul rand vreau sa spun ca sper sa nu se intample ceea ce Houellebecq imagineaza in roman, adica Franta sa se transforme intr-un stat islamic, caci Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite nu ar mai exista si nu ar mai exista nici cea de-a Cincea Republica. Nu, asa ceva imi e imposibil de conceput! Sorbona sa fie finantata de Arabia SAudita mi se pare de neconceput! Desi cine stie ce sponsorizari fac si acum…

La inceputul anului cand a fost atacata redactia Charlie Hebdo si s-a vorbit despre roman, am inceput sa imi doresc sa citesc. Din pacate, nu prea am timo si nici nu prea am starea necesara, insa va invit sa o cititi.

Cartea mi se pare admirabil scrisa. O parabola, un sceariu abonimabil despre cum alegerile sunt castigate de candidatul partidului Fratia Musulmana iar presedintele Frantei devine un musulman care transforma tara intr-un stat islamic. Insa pe langa asta, este prezentata ideea supunerii treptate in fata unor idei care, la inceput, par de neacceptat. Si asta mi se pare esenta cartii, pe langa niste fine remarci ale autorului legate de conditia femeii, familie, nivelul de educatie, media, servicii secrete sau profesorii universitari francezi.

Nu e intamplatoare vizita lui Francois acasa la fostul sau coleg de doctorat Deslandes care devenise inspector financiar. Portertul sotiei acestuia, Annelise,si intregul episod al cinei din casa acestora vorbeste despre conditia femeii de dinainte in opozitie cu cea de acum care nu mai are timp de gatit, despre cuplul traditional in opozitie cu cel modern.

Momentul de la final lul cartii cand Francois este deja un barbat convertit la islam, care acceppta sa i se caute sotii conform traditiei, acel moment cand isi aduce din nou aminte asa ca prin vis de Myriam, fosta sa iubita care emigrase in Israel, as spue ca este ultimul moment de luciditate inainte de „noaptea mintii”.

Am auzit multe voci care au spus ca pe noi, romanii, ne-a acaparat comunismul rapid si a reusit sa ne tina supusi atata timp pentru ca nu am avut curajul sa ne opunem. Acest roaman este dovada ca Franta ar putea fi supusa de o alta doctrina destul de usor. Si cred ca s-ar putea intampla si in alte tari.

Nota bene! Nu cred ca pentru a fi presedintele unei tari trebuei sa fii alb, crestin si sa ai copii. Ceea ce am vrut sa spun in cele de mai sus este ca nu imi pot imagina Franta fiind un stat islamic.

My Constanta

I am on holiday in Constanta, Romania, the city where I was born. Constanta is a city on the Black Sea coast with a long history and beautiful beaches. Some of them are very modern but some are quite wild. I like a wild one which is quite close from where my parents live. This is called Plaja Trei Papuci, the Three Slippers Beach, because long time ago people from the city used to go there with their slippers on just like they were walking in their own yards. But when people from Constanta went to Mamaia, a resort close to the city, they were going dressed with elegant clothes because it is a posh resort, if I can say so.
So this is my beach, the beach where I used to go when I was a child and where I like to go now too. In the last months authorities have enlarged the beach so it will be even more attractive next summer.




Birds at Plaja Trei Papuci







Wild Carpathia, Beautiful Romania

Charlie Ottely, the producer of the documentary Wild Carpathia, wants to make a 4th episode of this documentary and he spoke about it in a news bulletin at the Romanian National Television. The next episode will present Romania in winter, the season when my country has lots of snow, usually, and very beautiful landscapes. He has already started to raise funds for the production of this new episode. You can see his interview here.

You watch  here the trailer of the documentary. You can watch here episode 1 and episode 2 and episode 3

Balea lake, Carpathian mountains

I was impressed by the passion he speaks with about Romania, he really loves Romania and he likes what he does. I believe this really is a very good documentary about Romania and a good chance to promote our country. Prince Charles of the United Kingdom has spoken about his passion about Transilvania in this documentary. The fact that he speaks about Romania promotes my country and that is good. Concerned about environment and sustainable development, Prince Charles considers Transilvania an example of preserving the nature.

You can donate on www.wildcarpathia.tv or here. Any amount helps.

Enescu Music festival in Bucharest

In this period, Romania has also been promoted thanks to Enescu Music Festival which takes place in Bucharest. Important names of classical music have played at Bucharest during the festival. One of them is the German violinist Anne Sophie Mutter who had a wonderful performance at the Romanian Atheneum. Mutter posted on her facebook account pictures from Bucharest and she said she enjoyed  playing at Enescu festival. I believe this is also a great way to promote Romania. And I am happy my country has had such a great chance to be promoted.

Anne Sophie Mutter at the Romanian Atheneum. Photo: Facebook

Support for the refugees in Leamington Spa

Today in the center of Leamington Spa, the city I live in, almost 100 people gathered to show their support to the refugees in front of the Town Hall, near the status of Queen Victoria. They wanted to convince the British government to do more to welcome the refugees who come to Europe trying to escape the war in their country. Such gatherings take place in many cities  and London where today tens of thousands of people went on the streets to show their support.

The images speak for themselves. This is the ultimate proof that British people are very welcoming and generous. I am an immigrant myself and, since I came here, I have never felt unwelcome, everybody smiled to me and opened their doors. Thank you, Britain!

20150912_114308[1] 20150912_114134[1]  20150912_114047[1] 20150912_114019[1] 20150912_114055[1] 20150912_114132[1]

Leamington Food Festival

A very nice day with lots of sunshine, lots of flavours in the air, drinks, good food, cupcakes and other cakes, good music. This is how a day at Leamington Food festival looked like. I really enjoyed it and if you have not been there by now, I think you should go. Just take a look and you will see.

Turkish goodies Mushrooms from the forest good looking  cupcakes yummy bread some very good cakes BBQ

And of course very well behaved dogs and good kids have been around.

very British like 20150906_111816 vacuta posh dogs 20150906_114537 teas kids organic farmsLeamington Food Festival

After luch at Aubrey Allen and a beer, I really felt very good.


1 year with Morco

Yestarday it was 1 year since Morco joined our family. Very, very shy at the beginning but very cute. We love him a lot and we want him to be happy with us. I know that during this years maybe we have been showing him more love and affection than to the others. But this was just to make him feel loved and at home. He has had a lot of adventures since he came. Thanks to him, we met a wonderful English family. I want to thank them again for saving him.

This is the very first picture of him in our house.


One week after this picture, he jumped on the window and he missed from home one month. I found him while I was walking. This spring, he also disappeared from home for 2 months. I hope he will not disappear ever again!





International Dog Day

I found out that today is International Dog Day. I am really these loving and kind animals have a day dedicated to them. In Romania, we say that tha dog is the man’s best friend. Unfortunatelu, we seem to forget that and we treat them very badly.

I cannot help thinking in this day to the thousands of strays from Romania who have a miserable life on the streets, who are abused or killed in miserable shelters.
I wish all dogs have a decent life, a basket to sleep in and a family to love them.
My friend Dana just rescued these 2 beauties. I hope they will find a home soon.