Support for the refugees in Leamington Spa

Today in the center of Leamington Spa, the city I live in, almost 100 people gathered to show their support to the refugees in front of the Town Hall, near the status of Queen Victoria. They wanted to convince the British government to do more to welcome the refugees who come to Europe trying to escape the war in their country. Such gatherings take place in many cities  and London where today tens of thousands of people went on the streets to show their support.

The images speak for themselves. This is the ultimate proof that British people are very welcoming and generous. I am an immigrant myself and, since I came here, I have never felt unwelcome, everybody smiled to me and opened their doors. Thank you, Britain!

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My town, named ‘third best place to live’ in UK

I have been living in Leamington Spa since July 2015. I really like this small english town even though at the beginning, coming from Bucharest, it seemed to me too small, dull and lacking life. Littlle by little, I found out the contrary and I really enjoy living here. I am not a big fan of shopping so the shops in the city center are enough for me, I saw there are many nice restaurants, including one with Koreean food wich I recommend, and, regarding children, there are many, many places where they can play, have fun or learn.

Parcul central din Leamington Spa

Parcul central din Leamington Spa/Central park in Leamington Spa

And I have to say that people are very, very kind with foreigners in this city. All our neighbours know we are from Romania and they have been very, very nice to us. Everywhere I went in Leamington and I said I am Romanian, I have never felt embarassed, I have never heard someone saying something bad about immigrants. Everybody smiles to me in this town. And actually everywhere I went in this country, I saw people smiling to me, something that has rarely happened to me in Romania. This is one of the first things I noticed after moving to England. I think Romanians lost their smile during the communist period and they could not get it back after either.

Primaria din Leamington Spa si statuia reginei Victori/Leamington Spa City Hall

Primaria din Leamington Spa si statuia reginei Victoria/Leamington Spa City Hall

Today I found out that Leamington has been named the third best place to live in the UK by The Times. WOW! That is great! I moved from Romania in the UK and  I live in the third best place to live in this country. I am excited! How lucky I am!  I feel proud to live in this city and I imagine that locals are much more proud of this ranking of their city. I am really happy for them and for me too.

The local MP praises the community spirit and I think he is right. People here really care about their community. I do not know if it only something local in Leamington, but I noticed many people saying ‘we have to do this or that for us to be better’. People here really want to have a good life together, which is really great compared to Romania. Of course, there are also some bad aspects such as a high prices for homes, but…this is it. And in the end, if I make a list of the good things and bad things, I think the good aspects are more numerous.

centrul orasului Leamington Spa/Leamington Spa center

centrul orasului Leamington Spa/Leamington Spa center

I really enjoy living in Leamington Spa, a town with a long history and with very nice people who accept immigrants with a smile on their faces. I am really happy I live in the third best place to live in the UK and I promise to keep you updated with the latest info and impressions from my Leamington where may people speak Romanian.  I am new here and I have the feeling that there are soooo many things to discover.

Later Edit. I said people in Leamington have a strong community spirit. They also have a strong concern for environment: in my neighbourhood, the lights in the streets is switched off every night after 11pm to save energy. This reminds me of Ceausescu`s time when authorities were doing the same thing, for the same reason….