Choupette Lagerfeld, a million euro cat

I have just read on British Vogue that Choupette, the cat of Karl Lagerfeld, earned in 2014 3 million euros for only a few days of work. Wow! Wow! Wow! I heard that some models don`t event get out of bed for less than 10,000 euro/day. But to make so much money in only a few days, it is wonderful.

Choupette earned so much money last year for her collaboration with the cosmetics brand She Uemura and for a photo shoot for an Opel Corsa car calendar. Karl Lagerfeld also says that Choupette will not be seen in any commercial, like the ones for food, because she is too sofisticated. With sooo much money in her account, she has the life of a star. She has 2 personal maids who play with her and take care of her hair and eyes. She is the CENTRE of the world, says Karl.
Choupette and Karl Lagerfeld

I know Choupette has a facebook page and I have been following her for quite a long time. She is not just the spoiled pet of Karl Lagerfeld, but she is also a marketing and promotion tool for him, I think this is a clever strategy done knowing that cats are very, very much loved on the internet. Yes, Choupette is the richest cat in the world and for that her owner used a good strategy.

I love cats and I sopil my 3 cats as much as I can. BUT I am NOt Karl Lagerfeld and I know they will never be as famous and rich as Choupette. In the mean time, I have them and they have me and that is the most important thing in the world.  My cats